Hanel Communication Joint Stock Company

Company Name: Hanel Communication joint stock company
Abbreviated Company Name: Hanelcom., JSC
Address: No. 2 Chua Boc Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Website: http://www.hanelcom.vn
Email: sales@hanelcom.vn 
Phone: +84-4-3573 8318 -Fax: +84-4-3573 8319
Hanelcom is a member company of Hanel Joint Stock Company, providing the following key services:
- Data Center services
- Telecommunication
- System integration
- Hanel TV
Licenses have been issued:
- Hanelcom has been granted internet access license (ISP) No. 451/GP-BTTTT issued on 08/4/2009
- Hanelcom was licensed to provide Pay television services No. 1541/GP-BTTTT dated 27/8/2012; License to establish a fixed-land Public telecommunication network No. 638/GP-CVT issued on 28/12/2012), for 27 provinces and cities.
- Hanelcom was licensed to provide telecommuncation services No. 409/GP-CVT dated 13/07/2012; License to establish a fixed-land public telecommunication network No. 410/GP-CVT dated 13/07/2017), for 30 provinces and cities.

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