Hanel is a leading software development service provider based in Hanoi, Vietnam with the vision to create a flexible, innovative and effective organization that will add value to our customers and partners.

Some typical products of Hanel:
+ Open Egovplatform
The OEP (Open Egov Platform - OEP) is integrated from the world’s leading open source softwares, designed to fit the large systems and requirements of e-government systems. OEP provides data architecture in accordance with Vietnamese Government regulations in each business area.
OEP integrates leading open source technologiessuch as:
• Liferay: ePortal Management (Portal).
• Alfesco: Web and file content management.
• Pentaho: Business Intellogence, Data Intergration, Analysis, Data Mining (Business Intelligence).
• ApacheServiceMix: Enterprise service bus –ESB.
• Jboss: Application Server.
• uEngine: Business Process Management.
• PostGIS: Spatial Information Administrator.
• OpenLDAP: User Directory Management.
• CAS: User Authentication and Singer Sign on Management (Single sign on).

+ Online public service solutions for Ministries
Solutions include:
• Centralized online public portal.
• Authentication for personal and business accounts
• Database support online application.
• Online payment.
• Professional processing associated with data processing.
• Integrated systems, database for operation. Return results online with digital signatures.
• Multidimensional reports.
+ Intelligent transportation solutions based on digital map​
Intelligent traffic solution based on digital map features:
• Digital map of transportation in road sector
• Journey monitoring and speed controlling
• Managing speed signs, banners on the highway
• Managing fixed-line transportation
• Integrated transport data
• Data reporting system
The solution has been operated nationwide by Directorate for Roads of Viet Nam from 1/1/2017.

+ Hanel online freight exchange
Basic Features of Hanel Freight Exchange:
• Managing Transport Business Information
• Managing Cargo Business Information
• Finding Partners
• Signing contracts of carriage
• Payment
• Integrated GPS data and tracking system
• Service quality evaluation

+ Vehicle load testing system
iScale is a weigh station management system allowing users to check and manage the information about road safety violations of vehicle weightbregulations.
iScale consists of 2 main parts:
Data Transmission System to transfer data from weightt stations to the centralized system:
iScale data transmission system is a system recording information received after each weight time such as: The shaft weight; The overload percent; Truck information; Driver information. It also provides other information like system logs at stations and transfers data to a central system.
Central System (website):
• The iScale website works as the central system for weigh station management handling information received from the weigh stations. This website is responsible for providing thefollowing information:
• Statistics
• System Administration
• Weigh Station Management
• Weigh Receipt Management
• Report Management
• System Log

+ Electronic medical records management solution
Solutions to standardize electronic medical records for the national health system, ensure the integration, exchange of data and aggregate connected reports between systems and agencies in a unified way.
1. Data normalization:
• iMedical record
• Common lists among hospitals and medical centers
• Statistic reports of hospitals/medical centers for MoH
2. Communication:
• Medical record among hospitals and medical centers following the international medical electronic data standard – HL7
• Statistic reports following the MoH’s report standard and regulations - (SDMX-HD)
• Document information
• Common list information
3. Professional support:
Support staff of hospital and medical to search the other hospital’s medical record in order to provide the better treatment.

+ Apps & games for mobile phones
+ IT solutions for Corporate management