Message from Chairman

Founded on December 17th 1984, Hanel has the mission to become a pioneer in Hanoi Capital's electronics and iformatics industry.

Over the past 30 years, with a high-qualified, whole-hearted- and determined staff, Hanel has achieved sustainable steps of development, overcoming a variety of difficult periods and challenges of the economy. Nowadays, Hanel deploys business activities with 32 member companies, associates and joint-ventures in total and nearly 8000 employees.

Hanel as an enterprise of the 21st century, is oriented to become a leader in the knowledge and sustainably on the base of creativity and technology. The core of such an enterprise is a staff who dare to think and to try, creating foundation, major solutions & products in oder to contribute to the national modernization cause.
With the 3 - decade - long experience track of successful business made by different generations of Hanel staff; 

With the pride of the Company's traditions, with a vision and desire to build up Hanel as the leading brand of Vietnam technology;

With the determined spirit, desire and creative effort that Hanel's people sincerely put in every products and services under Hanel brand;

Hanel will firmly & definitely affirm the role of a pioneer enterprise, being the pride of the Capital and the Country, deserving the trust of Hanel'valuable partners and customers.
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