Intelligent transportation solutions based on digital map

"Intelligent Traffic Solution based on digital map", technology product of Hanel-Vietbando was launched on 14/01/2016 and is operating at Vietnam Road Administration.
 Cruise control and speed control system will connect 482 thousand vehicles, with the processing of transactions up to nearly 700 million messages per day. The system is monitoring every second of the operation of the vehicles, controlling speed according to each road based on the speedometer data across the National Highway with a total length of nearly 21,000 km.
In the first half of 2017, the system will continue to update the speed sign data on the Regional Highway and expand to the next level . The system gives managers the exact answer to the operation of the vehicles: the number of km running, number of stops and stopping time, details of speed violations, Report on the continuous driving time and working time of the driver during the day ...

Intelligent Transportation Solutions (ITS) will be a platform and integrated axis for the entire subjects which are transportation services to change into unified one that have serving operation, exploitation and effective management for government management agencies, transport enterprises and citizens. The development and successful implementation of this IT system solution not only support for government management of transport, ensure business efficiency of investors but also bring other benefits to the society and people such as promoting the development of production and circulation of goods in the country, creating an advantage in export and enhancing quality of tourism services.

Intelligent Transportation Solutions Center (ITS Center) was officially established on July, 2016 in Hanel  to actualize the project and start getting into the pilot operation. To focus all the resources and to complete the ITS project until 2021, under the direction of Ministry of Transportation, ITS Center has gathered many experienced engineers and programmers with high qualification in research and solution development. 

giao thông thông minh

ITS is deployed in two stages: State 1, focusing on building and deploying applications for intelligent transport solutions based on digital map for road sector, consists of 20,000 km of national highways and expressways, then proposing a reasonable roadmap as gradually deploy to provincial and urban roads in the provinces and towns. ITS in road sector includes tracking system, signs management system, traffic alert, fixed routes management system, freight exchanges management system, taxi operation management systems and road guidance system. Route 2: deploying the application for the rest of governmental management sectors in Ministry of Transportation includes the inland waterways, rail, maritime and aviation.

ITS Solution is an overall system of integrated management applications, administration and coordination of intelligent transportation, emergency response of rescue operations, travel demand forecasting and supporting decision-making across all sectors of the governmental administration.

Intelligent Transportation Solutions of Hanel is expected to create a turning point for Vietnam transportation in the future which reduces traffic jams especially during rush hours, saves fuel for the country and creates the changes in traffic culture of Vietnamese people.